Supra® - a certified Radium Business Partner

Supra Brands is the authorized worldwide distributor of lamps produced by Radium Lampenwerk in Wipperfürth, Germany. Our area of distribution is Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Russia, North & South America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and China. We produce lamps for many OEM's as well as private labeled Brands for major distributors.

Based on our extensive expertise, we also provide consulting services in the areas below. Please see more information in About Us. Our Management Team has a combined experience of more than 100 years in the Tanning Industry.

Comprehensive Business Plans

A detailed 28 page interactive Capital Investment Business Plan, complete with detailed Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Return of Investment and Payback Analysis. This carefully developed tool can give you a powerful financial edge and help you realize market dominance in your area. The Plan also includes complete start-up costs, income, maintenance and staffing schedules. This is the industryís most complete program and it is today available on CD in Excel format direct from us.

Marketing consulting

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Salon layout and design

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How to earn $500K in 1,000 sqft

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Assistance with FDA & NRC matters

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