What We Do

The Supra Brands Group has been at the forefront in innovation for the tanning industry since 1978. For 44 years, our team has been in a constant pursuit of ever faster, better performing and more efficient tanning lamps and equipment. Through this quest, it is undeniable that we have earned the right to lead the way. Thousands of salon owners are now financially successful and have built stable businesses in their communities. We remain true to our commitment for excellence through performance. Supra Brands Group is also committed to all aspects of the Positive Aspects of Tanning in Moderation. For this reason we are creating a UV-Science forum on our www.tantoday.com web site, where well known and reputable scientists will afford the tanning community with high-lights on the benefits of UV tanning.

Team Milestones

Founded Silver Group Inc. (1978) and QDM Co., Inc. (1993) and launched the Silver Solarium and Dr. Müller lines of Very High Performance Tanning Equipment. Designed the tanning industry's highest performing product line - the VHP System. This System set the standard for the tanning industry and enabled salon owners to increase profits by offering faster tans. Commonality: Considerably higher per square foot income than other salons.

High Pressure & Low Pressure Lamps

The Supra® Collection new Super Premium Quartz Lamps - is launched in 2004. This continues to build on past experience with new and exciting developments for better even more reliable lamps. 80’ & 90’s - Designed the brand Original Dr. Müller US lamp line (VHP) - for years the most recognized name in quartz lamps.

Supra Lights® A wide range of super premium fluorescent lamps launched in 2006 that stays true to our values of moderate tanning with Superior Bronzing ability and Longevity and is based on our expertise from launching the VHP R, L and O fluorescent replacement lamp line in the 90’.


Supra Brands Group acquired the tanning industry web site www.tantoday.com in December 2011 as a means to further the industry's message about the Positive Aspects of UV-Light in Moderation. See us also on FaceBook at TanToday Discussion Board and Information.


Designed the Breeze Salon Software and business management program in 1985. Breeze is acquired by SunLync in 2003.

Timers and Control Systems

Designed the first computerized tanning equipment front desk control unit in 1985. Instrumental in starting Applied Digital in the manufacturing of computerized tanning salon controls in 1986. The T-Max System is today the industry standard.

Business Management Tools

Retail operation & training manuals, proven salon business models and marketing campaigns. Extensive experience and industry know-how as a leader in retail operations. Authors of "How to gross $500,000 in as little as 1000sq.ft."

Business Plans

An inter-active Capital Investment Business Plan, with detailed Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, ROI & Payback Analysis. This tool allows for a powerful financial edge to help realize market dominance. Also included are start-up costs, income, maintenance and staffing schedules. This is the industry's most complete program and it is available on CD in Excel format.

Retail Chains

Founded the ground breaking salon chains Midnight Sun® in 1979 and Solar Planet® in 1994.


Established and launched industry trademarks such as Original Dr. Müller, VHP - Very High Performance, Giant Sun, Onyx, Orbit, Omega, Sonic, Orion, Odyssey, Shuttle, The Total Salon Concept, Breeze and TanToday.