We support major authorized lamp distributors with a steady supply of our Super Premium Quartz Lamps made specifically for the Tanning Industry. If you are a tanning salon owner or operator, please ask your local distributor for their input or call us today at (800)959-1255 for a stocking distributor near you.


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The Logistics of Order, Shipping & Terms of Payment

  1. Please open the Sales Order form, fill in the blanks, and print. Alternatively, use your own company order form with applicable technical data and order numbers. Either order form must be signed and dated by customer and sent by fax to (415)520-5318, or electronically to sales@suprabrands.com.
  2. Products are shipped by FedEx Ground free of charge from our facility in Northern California. From time to time shipments may be shipped directly from Germany, in which case freight remains free of charge. All shipments are fully insured to invoice value.
  3. Deliveries are direct to paying customer ONLY, no drop shipments allowed to end users.
  4. All sales orders shall state: ALL SALES ARE FINAL - NO REFUNDS and are shipped with firm ship dates.
  5. Types of payment:
    • Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards will be charged at time of shipment.
    • Checks shall be made out to Supra Brands Group and mailed to:
         Supra Brands Group
         4860 Linda Vista Avenue
         Napa, CA 94558.
    • Wire transfers are made in US dollars to:
      Beneficiary:Supra Brands Group
      Bank:Rabo Bank
      City & State:Napa, CA. USA
      Account & Routing Number:Call for details
  6. Immediately after shipment, shipping docs will be forwarded to customer with a tracker number as appropriate. Supra Brands Group will handle all U.S. Customs and FDA matters, as appropriate, upon entry in the U.S.A and Canada.
  7. A final invoice will be e-mailed upon entry of shipment in the U.S.
  8. All purchases are made by customer for its own account and sold for its own account.
  9. Lamps are warranted to work properly upon installation.